How to Vote

How to Vote By Mail

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Vote by Mail.

All registered Massachusetts voters are able to vote by mail in 2021 with no excuse required. If you still prefer to cast your vote in person, consider voting early. See where and when you can cast your vote in person before September 14th (preliminaries) and November 2nd (general).

If you’d like to cast your vote by mail, follow the steps below.

Step 1

If you haven’t yet applied to receive your ballot in the mail, complete the application and deliver it to your local election office by mail, by hand, via email, or submit it through the Mail-in Ballot Application System. To ensure timely delivery of your ballot, it is recommended that you submit your application no later than October 20. Applications must be received by October 28.

Step 2

When you receive your ballot in the mail, fill it out! Be sure to check out the Green Voter Guide to see if your candidates for state office have been endorsed by trusted environmental organizations.

Step 3

Return your completed ballot. All ballots need to be postmarked no later than November 2nd and must be back at your local election office no later than November 5th.

Not registered to vote?

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You can also request a vote by mail ballot online by filling out the form below!